DAMA Ireland supports the Certified Data Management Professionals certification.

Data management is one of the youngest professions. Mature professions have standards, expected performance, review and continuous examination. By becoming certified through the CDMP process you will increase your personal capabilities, skills, and knowledge. You will receive a globally recognised certificate which is a statement of your capability knowledge and experience.

The online exams are now available on

CDMP Pricing Schedule:

  • Data Management Fundamentals: USD $300
  • DMBOK2 Electives: USD $300

Starting Test Level

  • DM Fundamentals is a single test, and the certification level achieved is based on the score on this test. Everyone takes this same test.
  • Associate Level  requires passing this test at 60%. Passing at 70% or higher qualifies the tester for higher levels of certification, which require additional tests. The higher the score, the higher the possible certification achievement.  To obtain Practioner level, you must pass the DM Fundamentals at 70% or higher and two elective exam at 70% or higher.  To achieve Master Level Certification, you must pass the DM Fundamentals exam at 80% and 2 elective exams at 80%.